AJC Revision Archive

AJC Revision Archive

AJC Revision Archive lets you work with archives from the control system
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AJC Revision Archive is a tool for creating Archived files manually, which can be used for restoring the changes done to any file. It helps to protect and restore data from errors and other accidental misuses. All archives created by this software are very small in size and store all the information about the file. A user can create multiple revisions of the same file, so that he could restore the file later by applying any of the revisions.

This program is generally used for viewing archives created by AJC active backup, AJC directory synchronizer and AJC Grep. AJC Revision Archives can also be used for extracting archives created by any other AJC revision control system and save the fresh copy of the backup archived file or compare two files to see what changes were made. From the listed archives, user can choose the file to undo changes and then files will be restored from the given archive and all above revisions will be deleted immediately.

A user-friendly interface provides easily accessible options. This program informs us about the total archived size and gives many comparison options, like difference between the latest file, and difference between two revisions. User can see the changes made today and changes made this month. The program gives full information of the archived revision file like revision number, date on which revision is added and modified, file size and file name etc.

Manoj Goel
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  • Manually creates archived revision.
  • Archives created by AJC revision control system can be viewed and changes can be restored.
  • Shows many comparison options of two revisions.
  • Shows all details about changes made today or in last month.


  • Supports only latest windows operating system versions.
  • Unnecessary disk space use for storing multiple revisions of same file.
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